Tone Parsons

‘Twas the Friday before Christmastm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Friday!

Today, I got to ride the bus to work. Mass transit is an experience that you must have from time to time. The sights, the sounds, and the smells… all memorable.

Yesterday, we woke up to an inch or so of snow. Unfortunately, it was the light fluffy stuff that makes for really nasty ice on the roads. She narrowly avoided one accident (some moron didn’t use their turn signal and my wife narrowly avoided hitting them), but hit some black ice and hit the curb…. hard! She was only going about 10mph (16kph) when it happened.

The Jeep Liberty she drives is a fairly good sized vehicle and has quite a bit of mass. When she hit the curb with the rear passenger tire, it bent the drive axle and scuffed up the chrome wheel (bending it at the edge of the rim). I called the dealer and they were able to get it in right away, but the parts need to be ordered, and it’ll take up to 2 weeks to get it repaired.

So… she’s taking my car and I’m riding the bus.

This makes perfect sense… I go to work, sit in my cubicle, and then go home. Her job requires that she drive from site to site. That’s not exactly bus friendly (while my job is). Thankfully, the holidays are upon us and we aren’t working all that much during the next two weeks… so it’s really no big deal for me.

And speaking of the holidays…

Gather ’round little children and read Scott Christensen’s holiday classic: “I Was Santa’s Rubber Clad Love Slave: An Elf’s Story” (I’ve posed this every year since 1996… so this is the 10th time… Scott should pay me for this!)

And finally… watch me dance like a monkey.  The server this is on is stupid busy.  If it gives you an error (“page not found” or “server busy”, hit the refresh button until it works).

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