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Have mercy, been waitin’ for the bus all day

Since my wife had her accident last week, I’ve been doing the mass transit gig (she needs my car for her job).

Going to work in the morning is a breeze. My wife drops me off at the downtown plaza in the morning (where the buses all hang out), I get on my bus, and it drops me off right in front of my work. Coming home, on the other hand, is a different story. I have two issues with the evening ride:

  1. The bus that picks me up from work arrives downtown 2 minutes after my connecting bus leaves the plaza (giving me a 28 minute layover).
  2. The bus I take to get to my house is the same bus that goes to the Gospel Mission (the homeless shelter).

So… I’m surrounded by interesting characters at the plaza, and interesting smells on the ride home. I’m also now very aware of how many people with mental ailments live in my town. It’s a little shocking.

But I’m not complaining. I honestly don’t mind riding the bus, and it’s only for a couple of weeks. It does get me pretty close to my house (about 5 blocks from my front door) and it beats the hell out of walking. Plus, it only costs me $2 a day to travel to Liberty Lake (the town I work in) and back. I can’t drive my car for that cheap (motorcycle maybe, but car… no).

Other news: I have been assured from an OMG SUPER SECRET reliable source that Eve (of fame) is going to make a glorious return to the intrawebs next month. I eagerly await her witty banter! We’ve missed you, babe!


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  1. Eve December 30th, 2006 9:24 pm

    oh yes, be prepared for witty banter, award-winning literature and OMG HOT HOT HOT interweb links, and that’s just from Tone’s blog. Mine on the other hand, will be more of the same drivel.

    I don’t DO public transport myself. How quaint.

    As for the mentally-challenged (damn political correctness and all it stands for), I have quite a few in the hellhole I call home too.

    There’s this guy who, when on medication, points and waves at EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. When he’s standing waiting for the lights to change for him to cross the road, he gets hung up for hours pointing and waving at people in cars, on the sidewalk, in buildings, everywhere. I call him “freaky pointing man”. When he’s off medication, he points and shouts obscenities. Nice eh?

    Anyhow, Happy New Year (well for me, in about 7.5 hours anyways) šŸ™‚

  2. Tone Parsons January 2nd, 2007 8:53 am

    Happy New year to you too!

    Yes… public transportation is interesting… but I’ll post more about that later.