Tone Parsons

An ode to my cousin, Shawn

It's yellow, it's sexy, and I'm dying to play it!

My cousin, Shawn, is the coolest man on the planet.

He read my post yesterday about purchasing a guitar and called me last night with an offer that I could not refuse: borrow his for an unspecified amount of time.

He has a yellow Fender Stratocaster sitting in his basement that’s not being used. Much like myself, he got the itch to play a few years ago, and picked this baby up. Unfortunately, life got in the way and it sat collecting dust for a while now.

So he’s loaning it, an amp, and the rest of the equipment I’ll need. He gave me a few options: borrow it for as long as I like then A) return it when I’m done with it or B) buy it.

How can I say no to that?

I plan on picking it up as soon as I possibly can (no easy feat when you ride the bus). Then, I’m taking it in to the guitar tech and will have them give a tune up (replace the strings, adjust the action, and set the pick-ups to the proper height).

I guess this also means that I’ll be needing to find someplace to take lessons. I have a good friend named Brian who plays just about everything… I’ll see if he can help me out there (he’s quite talented!). If not, I’ve been given the name of a really good instructor who has affordable rates ($15 for a half hour lesson, once a week).

I’m a little giddy.

I’m hoping that this means that next year, when I go to Brian’s New Year’s Eve party… I’ll be able to hang out with the guys, jamming away on the guitar instead of what I did last year…. sitting with the wives, drinking a beer, and wishing I was playing with them.


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  1. Tom January 5th, 2007 10:46 am

    And yet another punk rocker is born LOL;)

  2. Dad January 5th, 2007 11:37 am

    lol, at least guitar picking is more productive than playing golf, but still not as much fun as fishing.