Tuesday smells a lot like monday

It’s day two of the week, but it’s monday all over again.

I’m still beating my head against the screen trying to finish up the Flex2 application I’ve been tasked to write (it’s pretty, it has potential, it doesn’t work).  If I had a book on the language, that might help A FRIGGIN’ TON, but I don’t…. so I’m winging it.

Google searches aren’t helping much (and I’m the king of the google search!), and I’m getting more disinformation than useful information.


But… as always… I’ll figure it out, make it work, and deliver the damn thing on time.

On a totally unrelated note… I smell a lawsuit! (though I doubt it’s intentional)

1 thought on “Tuesday smells a lot like monday”

  1. That Tigger was just expressing the rage of every other ‘I wanna be an actor but I’m stuck with this job in a 150 degree furry suit’. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before.

    Clowns still scare me more than swingin’ Tiggers. Shudder.

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