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Saturday = snow

We got dumped on last Saturday!

My wife woke me up around 9:00 am and told me that it had snowed. After staggering around the house (seriously… I have that whole zombie walk down pat!), getting my coffee, and having my morning pee, I went to take a look.

Wow! We got about 6″! (click a thumb for a larger view)
The driveway, as shot from the front door Angie's jeep... all cold and frosty and stuffs My back yard, part II
My backyard, part 1 Icicle from hell! The Trees on the side of the house

Of course, I was more than prepared to deal with it. My wife purchased a monster Troybuilt dual stage snow blower for me a couple of years ago. It’s got electric start, is self propelled (6 forward gears, 3 reverse), and throws snow about 80 feet.

But alas, my thunder was stolen. My eldest son had already used the shovel and dug us out. Then, some smacktard in the neighborhood must have gotten a new snow blower himself, because he took care of the rest of the block.

That’s my job, damn it!

I did get to use it a little though. I cleared a space on the street in front of my house so my son’s girlfriend could park her car and not stand in half a foot of snow when she got out.

Other news: my brother-in-law, David, hacked my cell phone over the weekend. Now I can transfer music, pictures, etc. to and from my phone (the Motorola RAZR V3c) without having to pay Verizon to do so. The phone has all those capabilities, but Verizon locks them all out (they want you to pay 25 cents per image and buy ringtones from them for $2.99 each).

Now I can make my own ringtones and push them to my phone. Yay!

Oh… and one more thing… you may have noticed that I had installed the Snap plugin (which gives you an image preview of sites I link to), and that it’s now gone.  There’s a reason for that.  It totally messes with wordpress when you try to write or edit a post (the images take too damn long to load, and it screwed with the editor when writing a new post).  Sure… it was spiffy and cool and what not, but was a pain, and it’s gone.


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  1. Dad January 22nd, 2007 5:04 pm

    Verizon sucks!! They are right up there with Comcast, Best Buy, most attorneys, dentists, doctors and gypsy used car lots.

  2. bugfreezer January 30th, 2007 6:43 am

    Next time I’m in Spokane, can Baldy hack my RAZR (V3M)? I’m on Sprint – dunno if that makes a difference….