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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

The weekend has one again come and gone. But oh, what a weekend it was!

Well, ok… perhaps it was fairly low-key and boring, but let’s pretend it was all kinds of exciting fun, plsmkths!

It started early with the crew at work leaving 30 minutes early to go to Cruiser’s, a biker bar in State Line Village, Idaho. If you’ve never been there, let me describe it for you.

They have a garage door on both sides of the building, and when the weather is warm enough, they open them both up and you can ride your motorcycle into the place, park it at the bar (or a table) and sit on it while you drink copious amounts of your favorite beverage (a slightly dangerous thing to do at the best of times). The crowd is a little rough, but they’re friendly enough, and the drinks are very, VERY cheap.

They did have live entertainment, a band called “White Noise”. I would like to say they were good, but that would be a complete lie. While they were having a good time up on the stage, my ears were not. They opened with a couple of original tunes, then broke into the butchery of rock songs. They played the same song (ZZ Top’s “Perl Necklace”) twice… both times, badly.

Just a quick piece of advice to the band: playing stupid loud does not make up for suckage.

My favorite part of their set was when they took a break.

But enough about that. It’s time to move onto why we went there (besides the fact that I loves me some beer!). My wife and I were attempting to set a co-worker of mine up with a co-worker of hers. We have a horrible history of playing match maker, but figured it was worth a try. I’m not really sure how it went, but apparently, they talked on the phone the next day, so at least phone numbers were exchanged (which is better than nothing).

I spent saturday doing nothing much. It was a day of napping and being a total bum. I excel at that! 🙂

Sunday, I had planned on playing my guitar some more (yes, I still totally suck at it), but I burned the end of my left hand middle finger. I decided that attempting to play with a big ass blister on the end of my finger would probably be a bad idea, so I’m waiting for it to heal up a bit before I continue toward my goal of pure suckage as the axe man.

And speaking of suckage… this post was just chock-full of it! Tune in next time when I attempt to write something of interest (and totally fail at it!).

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