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Tuesday… meh….

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tuesday!

Well, the “wonderful” part has yet to be verified, but it is most definately Tuesday…. the aftermath of Monday.

My old department is bugging me again (it’s about server backups this time), my back is a cranky beast, and my mind is full of fuzz from the medication. So… I guess it’s business as usual.

I spent most of last night fighting with Apple’s iTunes. I have never before been so frustrated with a program. I’m sure that the issues are totally with me (ie. I’m trying to do things the way I’ve done them with other applications), but moving music from my machine to my iPod is rather counter-intuitive.

One would think you can just drag the music you want onto the iPod icon and drop it (like every other piece of removable media in the world), but no… that’s not how it works. You have to mess with it, change all the default settings, tweak some more, and then maybe, just maybe… you can copy your files over.

Also… if you sync your iPod on one computer and attempt to add files from another, iTunes gives you the cyber version of the middle finger (I had to let it delete all my music I had synced from my laptop before I could copy files over from my PC).


I’ll figure it out… I know I will, it’s just a little frustrating at the moment (and I’m just venting… I haven’t read the help files yet, so I really shouldn’t bitch).

One nice thing about it… I moved over 1,000 songs to my little 30GB iPod and still have about 20GB left. Nice!! I guess I’ll need to keep ripping my CD’s to fill it up. I’m going to toy with using Apple’s ACC format instead of the usual mp3. I’ve been told that you get smaller file size with the same audio qualities as the 192kb rips I currently do.


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  1. Cody February 13th, 2007 11:04 pm

    Nice choice on the black one .. did you get it at Costco? Keep pluggin away and you will get it.

    Before you know it you will get Apollo DVD to Ipod, a bunch of podcasts and will spend very little time listening to the actual music you put on it.

    Than a Apple computer, dump IE for Safari and Firefox, run OS X Tiger with Parallels and use that Windows box for playing old games. LOL

  2. Tone Parsons February 14th, 2007 8:20 am

    I really like it. I picked it up directly from Apple (we wanted the laser engraving on the back). I also picked up a red 8GB nano for my wife.

    I already use firefox (IE blows goats) and would love to pick up a Mac. I’ve played with OS X and love it (I’ve been a huge fan of MacOS since version 8!). The only thing that stops me from doing that (or installing Ubuntu on my PC) is the games. I’m still playing… though not as much as I used to (and the meds make me suck at them). I may still buy a mac, then install boot camp so I can have the best of both worlds.

    I do plan on ripping a few DVD’s to it. My job requires that I fly from time to time, and my laptop battery isn’t up to playing movies for longer than 2 hours (I fly to the east coast…. it’s a long damn haul!). With 6 hours of movie time on the iPod, plus music, etc., life will be good!