Tone Parsons

It’s not spring yet

We had a little surprise this morning…. snow!

Yesterday, it was fairly warm, the ground was bare, and you could just see a hint of green in the grass. It appeared that spring was on the way!

Foolish thoughts, for sure!

Today, it’s snowing… fairly heavily.

I had about 1 1/2 inches at my house (which gave me great joy while digging my wifes car out and shoveling the sidewalk). There was about 1 inch downtown, and in Liberty Lake (the town I work in), there’s at least 2 inches on the ground, and it’s snowing hard!

Downtown Spokane, at the bus stop Downtown Spokane, also at the bus stop

In Liberty Lake… looking toward the north In Liberty Lake, looking west

Heh… I guess the people who ride their motorcycles to work yesterday won’t be doing that again for a bit.

On the way to work, I saw a car that had spun out on the freeway and had taken out the exit sign for Liberty Lake (I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture). It was held up with two 4 inch pressure treated 4×4’s. Ouch!! Hopefully, the driver is ok (and I hope they weren’t on their damn cell phone when it happened, or all my concern and pitty will vanish).

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