Tone Parsons

The obligatory “filler” post

It’s monday, and I have nothing of real value to post to the blog.

While that’s not unusual (most of this blog is full of filler posts anyway), I feel obliged to give you something. So hold on to your butt…. here we go!

First, here is a picture of a kitten:

A kitten… isn’t it cute?

I met with my Doctor on friday. We talked about the medication I’m on, how much I enjoy being a walking vegetable, and how if I continue taking it I’m going to end up unemployed (because it’s hard to do a job that’s purely intellectual when your head is full of oatmeal). He decided it was time to “mix it up”, so to speak. He’s weaning me off the old meds (can’t stop taking them suddenly, or seizures are possible… and while that might be interesting, I’ll pass) and put me on some new ones.

Today… I’m more clear headed than I’ve been in months (and have the ability to walk in a straight line without keeping a hand on the wall to steady myself). I’m also a very sweaty boy. I’m sweating like a damn pig!

Better living through chemistry, my ass!

Mmmmm… beef stroganoff!!!

Mmmmm… beef stroganoff!!!

I also finished the monumental task of ripping all my CD’s to MP3 for my iPod. If I were to play each song back to back, 24 hours a day, I woudn’t hear the same song twice until over 2 weeks had passed. That’s a lot of music!! All of it, conveniently, fits on my 30GB iPod! Hell… I even have 4GB left over!

God bless technology!

Pie chart showing the proportion of girls to boys when it comes to bed wetting:

Pie chart showing the proportion of girls to boys when it comes to bed wetting

And finally…. yesterday, I was feeling pretty good with the world and decided that it was time to fire up our motorcycles for the first time since October. Normally, I would start them about once a month and let them run for about 20 minutes to keep the batteries charged up. I didn’t do that this year and funny enough… neither bike will start.


But my brother-in-law has a charger and I’m farily confident that the batteries just need a charge (read: the cells didn’t die over the winter) and all will be good.

And there you go… one filler post, pulled directly outa my ass.

My ass:

My ass


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  1. Jeanne March 5th, 2007 4:31 pm

    Damm Tone, Would you please stop flashing your mother in law, my heart just can’t handle the shock. LOL See you soon, only with your clothes on.

  2. Dad March 5th, 2007 4:52 pm

    Your stepmother says she thinks your ass is cute, but it’s exciting all the gals in her office-I think a car load of them just left Portland for Spokane.

  3. jennifer March 5th, 2007 10:56 pm

    you said your ass looked like hairy cottage cheese; what happened?