Technical issues

If you visited the blog during the past couple of hours, you may have noticed something was wrong:

All the images were replaced.

No… I wasn’t defaced, I accidentally did this to myself. Let me explain.

I have a serious issue with hotlinkers (people who post images hosted on my site to their web page). Every time you view their page, you see images that live on my server. This eats up my bandwidth, and they get all the credit. In short, I hate them (myspace users are the absolute worst of the bunch for this crap!).

So, being that I’m all clever and such, I added some rewrite rules to my htaccess file that basicaly says “I don’t care what image you’re asking for, if you come from, you get this image instead!”. Below is the image I used to replace whatever they were asking for:

This probably isn’t exactly what they wanted

Sadly… I screwed up the rule, and while it replaced images by the domains I specified, it also replaced all the images on my site too. Even more sadly…. I didn’t notice the problem for a couple of hours.

2 thoughts on “Technical issues”

  1. Could ya e-mail me when ya gotta chance? I gotta technical question that I’m willing to gladly accept the answer to if’n it be free. Think ya got my address.

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