Tone Parsons

Wow…. just wow

I almost fell over while walking down the hall a few minutes ago.

With the change in medication for my back, everything is slightly out of whack. While I’m starting to feel better (and much more clear headed), there are a few side affects that I’m not wild about.

I was outside having a smoke, and when I came back in I got hit with a massive dizzy spell. I felt myself go pale and I started to shake. I almost took a header in the hallway.

I’m very damn dizy right now

Good times all around on that!

I’m starting to feel a little more human now. I ate something sweet and am drinking a soda (in case it was just my blood sugar crashing).


Edit at 2:01 pm

I’m feeling much better now.  It’s mostly passed (though I’m still a little fluffy in the brain department).  I’m also very glad I didn’t faint in the hallway.  That would have been totally embarrassing!

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  1. Mike S March 8th, 2007 2:23 pm

    Scrap the cigarettes. I did that and a whole buncha side effects disappeared. Being light-headed for one. Still fuzzy from the meds as they keep changing them. It’s the pain meds that do me in usually. I just keep bumbling along though.