Tone Parsons

Thank God it’s almost friday

It’s been a rough week so far, but friday is right around the corner.

While there have been a few shake-ups this week, I’m not going to go into them (it’s not polite to air dirty laundry online). I will, instead, shower you with my usual calorie free mental diarrhea.

My wife picked up a new battery for my motorcycle on monday. I had called around to get the best price (high: $149.99, low: $69.99). We went for the low price and picked it up from Toby’s Battery (they ROCK!!). They also suggested that we get a battery conditioner (which she did), so now we just plug the bikes in at the end of the season and unplug them again in the spring.

So, with a little luck, I’ll be able to ride around shortly (when it gets warm enough). That’ll make me happy!

Oh… and we picked up our season tickets to the Spokane Shock yesterday. I’m a computer geek to the core, and everyone knows that geeks and sports are mutually exclusive, but arena football is amazingly fun (especially when the Shock sell out every game so there are 10,500 screaming lunatics in there). If you happen to go to the game, look up at section 216, the east end of row G, and you’ll find me (I have 7 tickets).

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