Tone Parsons

I’m officially old

My eldest turned 18 last Saturday.

We had a very low-key event, just us with cake and ice cream.  He seemed unimpressed with the milestone, but then again, it takes a lot to impress him.  He did, however, like our gift to him.  We have been bugging him, asking him what he wanted for his birthday.  His reply every time was “um…. I don’t know”.

So… we gave him two crisp $100 bills.  He can buy whatever his heart desires.

In a somewhat related note,  I may have found him a job today.  One of the contractors here at work approached me with an opening they have at his company: beta testing computer games.  This is right up my sons alley, and it pays $15 an hour plus benefits.  The contractor is sending me the information and I’ll help my son apply (read: write up a resume and cover letter).

Other news: my in-laws will be here around the end of the week.  They sold their house in Tucson and are moving back to Spokane.  They’ll be staying with us for the next month or so while they search for and purchase a new house.  Yay, me!

And finally…. the Spokane Shock season kicks off on Saturday the 31st!!!   We have season tickets this year and plan on hitting all the home games and possibly a couple of away games (Seattle or Tri-Cities).  It’s crazy fun… even for a computer geek like myself (and no…. I don’t do sports, but the Shock are tons of fun to go watch).

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