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17 cold stony steps toward the grave

Ok… perhaps that wasn’t the most romantic title for a post about our anniversary.

My wife and I had our 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Of course, we’ll have been together for 20 years on November 6th of this year (I’m a guy, yet I remember things like that… what’s wrong with me?).

Sadly though, our anniversary falls on Cinco de Mayo every year. This means that going out for mexican food is totally out of the question (we both despise large crowds). We decided to go to Tomato Street because I love their steak myzithra and tomato basil soup. We weren’t able to go on Saturday, however, because Bloomsday (the worlds largest individually timed foot race, held here in Spokane) was on Sunday, and everyone was carb loading for the big race (again with the large crowd thing).

We decided that Sunday would be a better day, and it was. The food was very good and the service matched. I tried a new drink after the meal, something called a Russian Novocaine (a drink made of Baily’s Irish Cream, Frangelico, and Cream de Coco, chilled and served in a martini glass). It was pretty good, but they added AfterShock (a very strong cinnamon liqueur), which wasn’t on the list of ingredients. I think it would have been better without it.

We also watched three movies over the weekend: Casino Royal (the newest James Bond Film), The Illusionist (with Edward Norton), and The Queen. I would recommend any and all of them!

And that’s about it for the weekend wrap-up. How did you fare?

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