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Dusting off the keyboard and writing a post

It’s been a few days since I’ve written a post, and unlike some people, I’ve taken it upon myself to put something on this page (love ya, Eve!).

My back has been kicking my ass as of late. I’ve been taking my medications, but they only reduce the pain… it never goes away. My feet are the biggest issue. They feel as if my shoes are full of broken glass, and each step is very painful. I’ve been seeing a psychologist who specializes in chronic pain, but that hasn’t helped at all (he released me yesterday, saying there was nothing else he can do). I do, however, have an appointment with a neurologist on the 25th of this month (I made that appointment in January or February), so there is hope on the horizon.

I’m hoping that they’ll give me a pain pump. They surgically implant it under your skin and it injects micro grams of medication directly into the spine, 24 hours a day. I’ve been told by people who have it that it’s amazing. Hopefully, I’ll be a candidate for getting one.

In the interim, I’ve asked my doctor to up my prescriptions. I’m allowed have 1 or 2 oxycodone every 4 hours, but am only given enough to have 3 per day. Unfortunately, it takes 4 – 6 of them during the day (plus my morphine) to keep the pain bearable. This means that I can’t take any on the weekends or else I’ll run out long before I’m allowed to refill. I only take them at work, and just deal with it in the evenings and weekends, neither of which are very fun.

But enough with the whining….

The other morning, I was having a cigarette in the smoking area. One of the engineers here, Dan, came out and said “Good Morning” to me. I replied “Mornin’ Cap’n!”

“Capitan?” He replied.

“No… Cap’n… C-A-P-N” I said.

“What’s that stand for?” he asked.

“Um…. Completely asinine, possibly neurotic” was my reply.

He seemed to think that was a good answer.

Oh… and I programed my Cisco IP phone so that I have a direct dial to God. Here’s the proof:

I’ve got a direct line to God!

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  1. Mike S June 15th, 2007 2:44 am

    Thankfully I don’t have those restrictions as my Doc’s husband has the same thing and she’s accutely aware of the need for strong meds. I finally decided to give the pump a go but then was turned down due to possible adverse reaction to anti-rejection drugs for treating another problem. Same deal with the insulin pump. Good luck to you, you’re a whole bunch younger, so it should be okay.