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Monday, Monday… so good to me

…. or not.

The weekend was good, if you count having a 3 hour blood test good.  I had to fast from friday night until saturday morning (which really wasn’t a problem… except I really wanted a beer on friday night!).  I showed up at the lab for my test around 8:30 and they called my name at 9:00 am.

They drew nine vials of blood, made me drink this horrible crap (it tasted like Sprite syrup… very thick, flat, and no carbonation).  Then I got to wait an hour so they could draw more blood.  This was followed by waiting yet another hour, and another blood draw.  Finally, I got to wait one more hour, and (you guessed it!) one more blood draw.

It was finished around 1:00pm, and by then, I was plenty thirsty and hungry (I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything except the syrup crap during the process).  I’ll get the results on August 27th when I finally get to see my neurologist again.


Oh… and my primary Doctor upped my morphine, so I’m all kinds of drugged at the moment.

I did, however, get a few things accomplished this weekend.  My youngest has to attend summer school (as he did better in World of Warcraft than he did in school last year), so we got him some new clothes, shoes, etc. for school (which started today).  I also put the finishing touches on our sprinkler system in the front yard and trimmed back some of the shrubs.

As for work… well, I’m trying my best! I’m supposed to be working from home two days a week, hopefully they’ll allow me to do that this week.  I’m hoping to work from home tomorrow and wednesday.  If the webcam is off, that’s why.

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  1. PsychoDucky July 9th, 2007 8:15 pm

    Oh my…I am so sorry to hear about the morphine increase. That has got to be killer. And all that blood. I hope they figure out what is wrong. Good luck.