Tone Parsons

Comcast internet – second impressions are better

After fussing around with things for a bit, I got the crap modem that Comcast sent me to play nice with my internal network.  Actually, I followed some advice from a guy I work with and had everything up and running in a few minutes.  Then we began the speed tests to see how fast it is.

Holy shit…. yeah, it’s fast!  It’s upload was faster than my DSL download, and the download speeds were so fast that I nearly went back in time!

So… today, I began my evil plan to do away with my phone service.  I began by calling Qwest (the phone company) and asking them to shut of my DSL service.  That took 20 minutes and several transfers to get completed.  They kept asking why after 7 years would I want to drop them.  I kept explaining that cable internet was faster, and that made them run a test on my line to see if they could upgrade me to a faster service (no, my phone lines are too noisy).

I think they also suspect that I have a second course of action planned (which I do).  I’m going to be signing up with Vonage on very shortly and dropping all the packages from my phone company.  When I can call anywhere in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or Western Europe, with no restriction on minutes used, for $24.99 a month… how can I say no to that?

Life is good (and very fast!!)


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  1. Mike S July 13th, 2007 7:37 pm

    We lucked out here as the State used a grant to upgrade the phone systems statewide to better enable school computers to perform quickly. Ain’t speed great? Now I just need a faster user. Be sure to have 911 coverage of some sort if they don’t have it there with Vonage.

  2. Tom July 20th, 2007 11:31 pm

    and the phone connection is amazing!