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It’s once again time for me to put aside my meek demeanor and hold out both hands in a greedy fashion.

Yes indeed, my birthday is coming soon, and if you’re looking to lavish your favorite blogger with gifts, I have a few suggestions.


Dremel 400-6 90

The Dremel 400-6/90 is all kinds of sexy! With this little gem, I could do all sorts of things!! While this item is a little pricey, it would fill my life with joy for hours on end.

I could finally put a window in my computer case, make some crafty things, or just cover my body in ritual scars (but they’d be fairly precise scars!).

Of course, I’d also accept a box set of the Dremel 300 (with accessories), which you can get pretty cheap at the Home Depot.


New Order - Power, Corruption, and Lies

New Order: Power, Corruption, and Lies

An album from my lost youth. I had this on cassette many, many years ago (and probably still do), but I want it on CD so that I can rip it to mp3 and listen to its melodic rhythms while I ride the bus with the unwashed masses.

It contains one of my favorite songs of yesteryear, “Your Silent Face”. Ah, how I used to lounge around in my parachute pants back in the day while listening to it! But enough of that mental image!


Blade Runner and Fight Club - in widescreen

Fight Club and/or Blade Runner – Widescreen

Two great films that yet to grace my DVD racks. Who could forget the scene where Holden asks Leon about his mom in Blade Runner. “BANG!!” Or when you find out what they make soap out of in Fight Club (a serious case of yuk!!).

Yes indeed… I need them both. I need them bad!!

Of course, there’s plenty more that I’d like, but I was trying to keep things slightly affordable. If you have more money than god, you can go ahead and buy me a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster.

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster…. OMG!!

I would seriously love you forever!!

Oh… and for those of you who need to know exactly when the due date is for giving me thus said gifts… well, you can do it at any time, but my birthday is October 2nd. That’s in days (so get crackin’!)

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  1. Tom September 7th, 2007 7:08 pm

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tone, Happy birthday to you……..ok so ya want sockeye salmon or halibut?