Days and days

My wife and I were talking last night about days. Specifically, how many days we’ve been together as compared to how many days we’ve been alive (it’s nearly 50%). So, I decided to put it all together via a rather clever java script to give it some perspective.

  • I’ve been alive for days
  • My wife and I have been together for days
  • I’ve been a father for days
  • I got out of college days ago
  • I’ve been with my current employer for days
  • My back has been toast for approximately days
  • My youngest son will graduate from college in around days
  • My house will be paid off in days
  • I will be elegible to retire in days

That’s a lot of damn days!

2 thoughts on “Days and days”

  1. Worry not, the pass in a blink of and eye. Funny how later B=days make us count the days LOL once your over fifty youll get over that LOL!

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