Tone Parsons

My pee glows in the dark

Today was fun!

Ignoring the fact that it’s been raining most of the day and there are winds around 30mph (48kph), I’ve been out and about for most of the day. Kind of…

I went to the hospital to have a bone scan done today. For those who aren’t familiar with such a thing, I shall explain. First, they inject you with a radioactive isotope, then tell to you go kill time, drink several glasses of water, and come back in 3 hours.

Once you come back, they first ask you to pee (oh… to have a Geiger counter at that moment…. as I was passing radioactive particles!), then you get into a gown, lie down on a hard (and cold!) metal slab, hold your hands behind your head, and lay perfectly still for 35 minutes while a machine slowly turns around your body! (image below)

Bone scan… wheeeeee, fun!!!

Good times!

By the time it was finished, both of my hands and arms had fallen asleep and I had quite a bit of difficulty getting up (they had to help me).

The idea behind getting this was to show if I have any issues with the bones in my spine (infections, ect.) that may be causing the back pain I’ve been dealing with.

So… how was your day?


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  1. WhiteRabbit November 13th, 2007 4:08 pm

    Dude. That sucks!!… Good descriptions though.. On the lighter side? I had to purchase Vista 64-bit and am left with a copy of 32-bit cause MS STILL cannot figure out how to handle 4gb of memory. Other than that, I received Crysis in the mail today!! Yea!

    Hey, on the radio active note, if you have to do it again, tell them that you drink enough Mt. Dew to kill a horse and ask if that will do? Remember: Keep a deadly straight face while asking. :EVIL:

  2. Tom November 15th, 2007 8:04 am

    Better than yours 🙂 I prefer my radioactive drink to come from the Spokane tap water myself. Oh thats right the Feds have informed us the the Tri Cities summer dust storms radioactivity falls out before they hit Spokane so never mind. And look on the positive side if there is ever a nuke war your one step ahead of everybody else and just might survive.
    But I hope they can figure out whats causing your pain and ease it someway. good luck and best wishes. Oh I just read this ” Santas can not use the words HO HO HO because its the slang word for prostitute, the new greeting this year will be HA HA HA lol wow talk about political correctness gone amuck wow!
    And HA HA HA Merry Christmas!

  3. bugfreezer November 17th, 2007 9:27 am

    Quote from Tom: “Oh I just read this ‘Santas can not use the words HO HO HO because its the slang word for prostitute, the new greeting this year will be HA HA HA”

    Santa needs to strike back and sue for copyright infringement….

  4. Uncle George November 21st, 2007 9:03 pm

    Hey Tone I went in for my stress test today. They gave me the radioactive isotope in an IV put me in the scanner for for before pictures. Then 7 minutes on the treadmill with my worn out knee, hurt like hell, my heart rate went to 151, & my blood pressure to 193. Then another dose of isotope & back to the scanner for after pictures. They couldn’t find anything except my high BP. They told me after the treadmill “if you didn’t have a heart attack now then you never will”. Gotta love Dr’s.