Snow, part deux

We got a light dusting of snow yesterday (around an inch or so).  I had my younest kidlet shovel that away, but during the night, we got another 3 inches.

The Jeep, covered in snow! Another shot of the jeep Down the east side of the house The Back yard, looking south-west!!

The back yard looking south-east Looking down the front street to the west Looking down the front street to the east

Of course, it was my eldest son’s turn to shovel, so I went to wake him a little early (insert teen-age drama here!!).  He finally did it, but he wasn’t happy.  About an hour later, Linkin Park called and said they wanted their angst back (I’ll let my son know when he comes home from school so he can return it).

5 thoughts on “Snow, part deux”

  1. Great pictures, glad its your street and not If we got that much snow in Portland the whole city would be at a standstill. I think everybody here learned to drive in a Wally Mart Parking lot on a Sunday afternoon.

  2. We got plenty now, but I pay to have mine done, sorta. It’s included as part of the discounted rent I give the guy who fixes stuff for/with me around here.

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