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Goodbye 2007, hello 2008!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sadly, all I do now that I’m at home on disability is sleep (taking a handful of narcotics every few hours will do that to you).

Christmas was good at Casa de Tone! We had most of the family here for the event, good food and spirits all the way around!! I also did very well in the present department. My favorite gift is the Ion USB turntable. That combined with the newest version of Spin It Again software = me ripping records to mp3 like a mad man! (and they sound damn good too!!).

Our plans for New Year’s Eve are pretty basic this year. We’re avoiding all the parties and plan on just staying at home. We’ll watch whatever is on the tube and have our obligatory glass of something bubbly at midnight… then we’ll fall asleep. Oooooo… the excitement of it all!

Oh, and for those who are wondering (or even care for that matter), I had injections into the facet joints of my spine at L4-L5 on the 21’st. For those who aren’t familiar with this: they take a damn log needle, shove it into your back until they hit bone, then wiggle it until it gets between the bones. Then they inject a steroid and local anesthetic into you. I had both sides done, so it was double the fun! It seems to help somewhat, so I’m scheduled to do it again in early February. I have some images of the procedure and will post them later (once I’ve un-hooked my Ion Turntable and hooked my scanner back up).

If that works out, they are going to perform a rhizotomy in that area. Basically, they go in and burn the nerves off in the area that’s causing me back pain. Anything that will get me off the drugs and back to work sounds like a good plan to me!

But that’s enough of that! Here’s a comic from one of my favorite online strips, Cyanide and Happiness:

Cyanide and Happiness toilet humor

Here’s wishing the best in 2008 to all of you!


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  1. bugfreezer December 31st, 2007 12:43 pm

    If they can fix you – will you get your job back?

  2. Tone Parsons December 31st, 2007 1:08 pm

    That’s a good question. As of January 27th, they no longer have to hold my position for me (they can fill it with someone else). Since my appointments are in Feb… who knows.

    If I can get back to work by April 27th, I have to take whatever they give me for a job, at whatever pay scale it offers.

    After April 27th, they terminate me, and I’d have to apply for an open position.

    Fortunately, I did my job well and made friends with everyone, so I’m hopeful that going back won’t be too hard. If not, I’m better off being on disability.

  3. Mike S January 2nd, 2008 4:16 am

    Disability sux!! Hope you have better results than I did:)