8 thoughts on “A Public Notice”

  1. I would like to make the same statement you just made about not being available for your friends, or friend’s girlfriends who have a laptops full of spyware.

    Perhaps their should be a section in the newspaper along the lines of “I am only responsible for my own debts.”

    Only this one is from PC savy folks who make their free availability nill.

    Why is it that just because we know how to make computers work, we should volunteer our off duty time for free to people who really should not have a computer in the first place?

    My Dr told me that once he was in a restroom standing at the Urinal with his lab coat and ID on, taking a leak.

    A total stranger was standing next to him also taking a leak and upon noticing my Doc’s creds, showed him his dick and asked him if it looked normal to him?

    My doc just zipped and left…. I think we get the PC equivilent everytime some goober asks us if his computer looks normal.

  2. I’m tired of constantly having computers dumped on my doorstep with the assumption that I’ll fix them for free.

    I don’t even want to do it if you pay me.

    I’ve grown weary of people who expect me to pick up the pieces for them when their own ignorance has led them into trouble.

    Fortunately, I don’t own a pick-up truck… or people would assume that I’d help them move!

  3. Porc, way to go with the metaphor! LOLOL!

    Bio, I feel your pain – I get a lot fewer requests when I tell ’em “$x.00 (where x >= 50”)…

    …Ahh, the peaceful sound of chirping crickets!

    hang in there!

  4. When I refuse, I still get this needling “Well, just this one thing, please?” I’m not made of stone. And soon I have a laptop sitting on the floor of my office that needs wiped and rebuilt from the bottom up and as soon as I finish that one, there will be another right behind it. I should have known the second there were three laptops purchased for Christmas that it would mean at least a year of unending Windows-based trauma.

  5. One nice thing about being out here is that a lot is done on the ‘barter’ system. A pal fixes our PC in return for me keeping his fancy Euro-cars running smoothly. I needed a water line replaced requiring a lot of trenching, and the guy with the trencher owed me for helping him rebuild the diesels in his dump trucks. Seems as there’s always a way when we all work together. This week I did some permit requests for a neighbor, who had repaired an old couch for a friend, who had helped with a problem here last summer. So we’re all even now.

  6. Ouch. I just tell them NO. The best I will do now a days is swap old hardware with other techies to keep those old beloved PC’s up and running.

    Dont back down Bio! Be strong… Course, if they want to PAY, then “lets talk”. Course, there are a people out there that even that will not help them out of their own stupidity and you just have to walk away.

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