Newegg rocks - how I love you!

For the past 8 years, I’ve been buying computer parts online nearly exclusively from one company,

Tonight, I took a look at my past orders (yes… they show them all to you) and noticed something interesting; the order I made last Thursday night was my 50’th order from them. So, out of curiosity, I added up what I have spent with them over the years.

$15,099.81 (plus shipping)

Holy Crap!! That’s a lot of money! Of course… it’s also a lot of computer parts (yes… I’m geek to the bone!).

Of course, they have good prices and reasonable shipping (for the most part). Whenever I’ve had problems, their customer service has been extremely good to me, and RMA’s are a breeze!

Seriously… If you’re looking to buy parts online, Newegg is hard to beat! I love ’em!

2 thoughts on “Newegg rocks”

  1. WoW man. You have me beat by 9K! Does that provoke a “nice job man” response or … ??? But as far as NewEgg goes, they are the best. Plus, they have been around since silicon. Haha, get it?? (dirt… sand… silicon…) Never mind…

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