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It’s been a while

Sorry about the lack of posts. I just haven’t been up to it as of late.

Every day is exactly the same for the most part, so there’s very little to write about. I shall now fill you mind with what little trivial crap has actually been going on.

My doctor made a huge mistake!

He got confused as to which patient he was talking about and told my long term disability insurer that he’s released me back to work. Um… no you didn’t!! Now they’re making emergency calls to fix it and I’ve been dealing with the insurance company to make sure they don’t screw me! Crap.

My driveway looks like downtown Bagdad.

My broken Driveway

We hired some yahoo to do some yard work for us. He removed some bushes for us and did a nice job, even though it took him a week to get it all done, so we hired him to grade the front yard and remove the slab in front of our steps. BIG MISTAKE!! He came in with a bobcat and lifted the slab without using an impact hammer where it meets the driveway… so a huge chunk of driveway came off with the slab. They hit the driveway in two other places with the bucket of the bobcat, breaking off big chunks of concrete there too.

Of course, he promised to fix it all, but he’s made and not shown up for two appointments to do so and I’ve had it with him. I think he’s just walking away from it.. as it’ll cost more for him to fix than he was getting paid for the job (and no… he hasn’t been paid).

I finally hired a real concrete contractor to replace the slab, fix the damn driveway, and do some work on the front steps for me. If the yahoo comes back, I’m telling him that he’s fired and no… he’s not getting paid. If he decides to take me to court over it, I’ll win.

We put a new roof on the house!

We’ve been having problems with the shingles coming off every time the wind blows and finally decided that enough was enough! After getting 5 bids, I went with Mica Peak Construction. I am so glad that I did!! The bid was extremely competitive, they showed up on time, the roofers themselves were polite, courteous, and damn hard working, and they did one fantastic job!!!

We went with the ELK/GAF Timberline Prestique lifetime shingles in charcoal. They are high ridge and look amazing on my house!! Here’s a couple of pictures:

They even came back and painted all the pipes sticking out of the roof black to match the vents and D-metal I had them install (that was an extra… and it looks fantastic!!). Seriously, if you live in the Spokane area and are looking to get your roof done, make sure you call them… they do a great job!!!

And finally……

My son turned 16 yesterday!

We took him out for dinner at the Azteca (great Tex-Mex food!!!) and then gave him his present… a brand new computer (yeah… I built it). Here’s the basic specs:

AMD X2 6400+ Processor
EVGA Geforce 9600GT 512MB video card
2GB of DDR1066
750GB Seagate Barracuda 3GB/s SATA HD
750watt Power Supply
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Oh yeah…. he’s happy! It beat the crap out of his old Intel P4 2.4gHz system (aka: slower than dirt!).

And that’s about it for me. Now I’m off to take a nap.

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  1. Dad June 24th, 2008 6:45 pm

    Geez, you found all the incompetents witnin a week. The doctor is probably ok, but his office help is dumber than a box of rocks. As for the guy who messed up your driveway, get his contractors license number and file a complaint with the state, then take the stupid shit into small claims court for the cost of the repairs, you can’t lose on that one. And if you really feel lucky, get an attorney who will work on a contingency basis to go after the doctor for a couple million bucks as I think you could probably win that one too. And, the roof looks great! See you in August for another great day down in hicksville.