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An update to the insurance nightmare

As I mentioned in my last post, there was an issue with my disability insurance.

They check my medical records once a month to see what my current status is.  Unfortunately, some bone head in the transcription department of my doctor’s office made a huge clerical error.  They put someone else’s information into my record: that I had been released to work.

This started a snafu of biblical proportions.  My insurance company called me to verify that I had been released back to work.  “Um… no” was my reply.  Of course, they didn’t take my word for it, put my policy on hold, and began an investigation on me.

I called my doctor’s office and they took huge steps to correct the issue (they went above and beyond to get this straightened out).  After a review of my case, my insurance company finally backed down on their stance that I was somehow cheating the system and put my case back into active status.

This was a huge relief on my part, as the money I receive pays our mortgage and all our credit cards.  My wife was completely stressed out over it (as was I).  I’ll tell you… dealing with a disability insurance company is a total pain in the ass… but it’s better than dealing with L&I!

On another note… I finally broke down and got a handicap permit for the car.  I didn’t want it, but the time has come to get one (walking long distances is a bitch!).  It does make life easier when we go to the Arena to watch the Spokane Shock play (they’re 12 – 1 this season…. that makes them Division Champions for the 3rd year running…. GO SHOCK!!!).

Oh… and on a side note, while dealing with my insurance company, one of their reps told me that it was perfectly legal to drive while hopped up on all the narcotics I take.  I told her that it wasn’t and it would win me a DUI if I was pulled over.  She assured me that prescription medications were exempt from that.  I guess she’s not familiar with Washington State law.  I wonder how many people have taken her advice and gotten burned (or worse, killed themselves or someone else)?

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  1. Mike July 3rd, 2008 10:36 am

    Very pleased to hear that that is sorted out in your favor now.

    Heh, regarding the chat w/the insurance rep – I wonder if that’s how they get out of paying $$$ – kill off the claimants with bad advice.