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No news as of yet

I have a few calls into my disability insurance company.  As of yet, my claim manager hasn’t returned my calls, so there’s no news as of right now.

They were supposed to have come up with a decision on my case by the 28th of this month.  There are only 3 reasons I can think of why they haven’t notified me:

    1. My claims manager is either sick or out of the office.
    2. The decision hasn’t been made yet
    3. They denied my appeal, sent a letter, and my claims manager doesn’t want to talk to me.

      I’m hoping it’s one of the first two.

      Again, I’ll let you know if I hear anything.  The waiting is driving me a little nuts.

      UPDATE 11:14 am

      I got a call back from my claim manager.  The reason she didn’t get back to me yesterday was both #1 and #2 from the list above.

      She stated that they “should” have the decision made by the end of next week.

      Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

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