4 thoughts on “And speaking of my Dad….”

  1. Your Aunt Linda sent me some photos of their place. Hard to believe Spokane got all ‘OUR’ snow!! We’ve been warm (30F nite 45F days) the past 3-4 days. Rain too. More like April around here right now.

  2. Asleep or passed out? I’ve seen him both ways, not much difference. Oh wait He’s retired that’s just his job now! Another retired friend of mines wife asked him “What are you going to do today.” When he replied, “Nothing” she said “You did that yesterday.” He replied “I know but I’m not done yet.”

  3. Uncle George holds the secret to world peace! All he needs to do is market his famous “Irish Car Bomb” which will make everyone happy and contented. It did wonders for Jennifer! lol

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