Tone Parsons

Filling in the blanks

COVID life is dull.

Locked into the same four walls for days unending, and while this prison is far more luxurious than an incarcerated inmate, after several months of monotony thing I’m starting to understand how they might feel.

I know I’m infinitely better off than the inmate: less noise, rape, and the ability to to to the store, but you get the idea.

So… to fill the blanks in, I’m filling my life with new music (new to me at least). I’ve always been deeply moved by music and have a respectable collection (not the biggest, but at ~13,900 songs, my library isn’t the smallest either). The recent additions to my life may not be exactly your style, but they fit neatly into the pockets of my zeitgeist at the moment, and that’s all that matters.

Saint Motel: A Good Song Never Dies. The baseline of this song screams to my soul!
Gary Newman: My Name is Ruin
I Don’t Know How You Found Me: Do It All The Time

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