Tone Parsons

Keeping myself busy

I’ve been doing my best to not go crazy in this era of a global pandemic, civil unrest, and unbelievably poor leadership. The current best practice: gaming.

I’ve been logging in most days and nights with a familiar group: Myke (my faux son), his brother Matt (a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan), Josh (the ever famous “zzottt”), and occasionally my youngest son, Sky. My eldest son plays too, but not the same games, so we don’t see him online much. Together, we’ve been running around like a bunch of asshats in the following games:

* No Man’s Sky
* Destiny 2
* Shellshock Live
* Red Dead Redemption 2
* Far Cry 5
* Far Cry 5: New Dawn

All but the last two allow for all of us to play together (the last two are 2 player max and my grandson doesn’t have the last 3 titles). If you have any of these games and would like to play, give me a shout out via Steam.

I’ve also spent a lot of time on, joking around with the very few who have decided to make it home instead of Facebook (lets face it… Facebook sucks the big chalupa… sideways!). We have a lot of fun there, and if you’d like to join us (and see all the crap that non-registered users can’t), shoot me a message by clicking the “contact us” button on the board and following it’s instructions.

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