Tone Parsons

Whelp… it’s been a hot minute

Another year has come and gone, life slowly moves forward, and things change.

Positive changes: We welcomed a new grandson, Baxter, into our family May 2nd. He was 7 weeks early so he only weighed 3lb, 15.5oz (that’s a total of 1.8kg for the rest of the world). He spent several weeks in the natal intensive care unit, but finally went home on June 19th and has been healthy and happy since.

We were also able to find long term housing once again for my mother-in-law. She moved into an adult group home that’s run by some absolutely wonderful people, so I’m hoping that it sticks this time (I was very clear with her that if she blows things up again, she can’t move back in with us). Things seem to be going well with her, but one can never really tell. We’ll see.

I was going to put something about getting vaccinated here, but in all honestly, that’s a lost cause. Those who are going to do it already have and those who aren’t never will. There are a lot of reasons for not doing, it, but virtually none of them are valid. You either care about your community or only care about yourself, it’s that simple. Stop with the confirmation bias and listen to the actual experts.

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