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It’s all about Christmastm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Monday!

Well, Monday may not be so wonderful, but I did have a good weekend! My wife and I attended the 2006 holiday party for my company on Saturday night… and they threw one hell of a party! For the first time in a long time, there was plenty of parking, the food was served hot (and it was good), and the band didn’t:

  1. Suck
  2. Play nothing but Jimmy Buffet tunes

Though seeing the lead singer’s pink thong didn’t do much for me… she must have weighed about 300 pounds (133 kg)…. but man, could she sing!

My wife and I at the holiday Party

JVC TH-C60 DVD Digital Theater System

On Sunday, we finally decided on the Christmastm gift that we would get for each other. The JVC TH-C60 DVD Digital Theater System. I’m sure there are much better systems out there, but we’re not rabid audiophiles, so this should work just fine for our needs (it better… it’s 1,200 watts total… 200 watts per channel). The 5 disk DVD system is pretty spiffy too…. it plays just about everything you can put on a CD or DVD with your computer. It’s also got a USB port on the front to read MP3’s from my thumb drive.


Of course, we ordered it from Newegg…. so it will most likely be here by the end of the week (yes indeed… I do love them!). If you’re planning on getting me the Samsung 46″ LCD HDTV (LN-S4695D) I posted here, it would go perfect with this system! (Please, please, PLEASE get me that!!)

This morning, of course, sucked. Yup… Monday with a vengeance. It was a tropical 17° (-8.3° c) when I left the house and they’re forecasting a blistering 30° (-1° c) for a high today. Sure… it may be colder someplace else, but last nights fog froze into a nearly impenetrable sheet of icey goodness on all the glass in my car. Good times scraping that crap off!! 🙂

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