Tone Parsons

Gimmie! (part 2)

Just to give you, the loyal reader with more money than brains, some options… I present you with “BUY ME SHIT, part II”.

As I had stated earlier, my birthday is coming up, and nothing would make me happier in the world than for you to cough up some dough and lay the love on me, big time!

This time, I’m trying to keep the price low (well… mostly).

Mouse over any image to get a description, then click on the image to go to the page where they sell the item (in a new tab/window).

Tool stuff!

Ryobi 10 In. Compound Miter Saw Craftsman 5-Drawer Powered Mobile Tool Cabinet

Light Stuff!

6 inch Luma Disc 52 oz Lava Lamp
Shit Stuff! (size XL please!!)

Geek Work Shirt Domo-kun Face t-shirt I’m Blogging This t-shirt

KOL Stuff!! (I’ll take pretty much anything from here!!)

Pretty much anything from the KOL store!

Thank you in advance for your unbelievable gullibility generosity!!

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