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Another 2 years has passed….

It’s hard to believe that yet another 2 years have passed, and I’m still ignoring this poor beloved blog.

I’m not sure why.  I hate Facebook, yet I log in daily to see if someone has reacted to a post.  I check my email at least a couple times a week to see if anyone I care about who doesn’t use Facebook has contacted me.  I’m constantly doing housework on the blog… applying updates and other managerial things.  Why can’t I muster the energy to write a post more often than once every two years?

Apathy, that’s why.

Will that change any time soon?  Probably not.  Here’s a photo of some random kid eating spaghetti.

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My bi-yearly obligation raises it’s ugly head

It’s been nearly 2 years since I blew the dust off this site (and onto other aspects of my life that are just as neglected).  So… I thought I’d pop in and say something to the 1 or 2 people who accidentally stumbled into the place while searching for chairs.

I’ve still yet to find my inspiration to visit this place (or any of the dozen or so other websites I own) for quite a while.  I know that’s a weak excuse at best, but it’s all I have.   Perhaps some day, when they cut the amount of medical goodness that bathes my brain daily, I’ll come up with something that isn’t rambling detritus.

Oh… and if still want those chairs… here you go:


If you wanted something else: here’s Domo-Kun failing in his toilet paper deliver service.


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Apparently, this is quite dusty

I haven’t posted here for quite a while.  I blame 3 basic factors for my absence: Apathy, Facebook, and more apathy.

I really should deal with at least one of those.

My addiction to facebook is rather substantial though, and I feel that posting both there and here are rather redundant.  So I’ve been posting there for the most part (I also use google+ about as often as everyone else, once every few years).

And there you go… a new post for an old site.  I don’t know when I’ll post here again (it could be on any day that ends in the letter “y”), but I will keep renewing the domain ad infinitum (or until it’s so irrelevant that it’s no longer worth the money).

And now… a picture of a monkey:


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For those of you who use facebook, you’ve already seen this… but I want to make it so anyone who googles is warned.

For my birthday, I ordered myself a copy of Stargate SG-1, “The Complete Series” from that website. I had found them via an add from facebook. They were selling it for $50 less than I was able to find it anywhere else and I jumped on the it immediately.

I became suspicious when I received an email from them with my tracking number…. it was shipped from China (the movie piracy capitol of the world). When it arrived yesterday, I became even more suspicious when I opened it up. The box looks legit, but the contents were shoddily packaged and the print on the DVD’s looked kinda crappy. After putting in 3 of the DVD’s (chosen at random from the 54 in the box set), it became apparent that they are bootlegs… the sound and picture quality aren’t very good.

So… being the fascist that I am…. I called the MPAA in Los Angeles, CA and spoke to Bob in the internet department. Apparently, is a known shipper of bootleg DVD’s. They seemed shocked that I found them via a facebook add, but said there wasn’t much I could do.

I contacted paypal to dispute the charge, but their reply was that they only deal with people who never receive a product, not with sellers who market bootleg products. My bank won’t help either.

So… lesson learned, moving on… a little wiser now.

In a nutshell…. do not buy from While you will get what they sell… what they sell isn’t what you want.

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